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Airport: Jorge Chavez International Airport, Callao.
If you have the ability to access the internet, Uber, Indriver and others works really well in Peru and is a good option for hotel transit. Otherwise, you should set up a ride with your hotel. It is not recommended to book a ride from the airport.

Venue: The venue is the José Antonio Deluxe Hotel, located in the beautiful Miraflores neighborhood

Hotels: There are many hotels and airbnb’s in the neighborhood. Some hotels are listed here:

Hotel Name Distance to Venue Estimates of Price Range
José Antonio Deluxe Hotel (venue) 0 m Single room: $85 + $6 charges
Double room: $110 +$9 charges
José Antonio Hotel 950 m Single room: $81 + $3 charges
Double room: $89 + $10charges
DoubleTree by Hilton Lima Miraflores El Pardo 190 m Single room:$138-$160+$17 charges
Double room: $130-$170 + $13-18 charges
Sol de Oro 750 m Single room: $105-$116 + $11-12 charges
Double room: $110-121 + $11-13 charges
INNSiDE Melia 800 m $90.00 + charges + breakfast included
Radisson 750 m Single/double rooms: $121-$146 + $13-15 charges
Crown Plaza 700 m Single room: $107-$127 + $11-13 charges
Double room: $118-137 + 13-14 charges
Hotel Diamond Lima - Lima - Hotel WebSite ( 9.2 km Single room: $48 includes charges
Double room: $55-$89 includes charges
BTH Hotel Boutique Concept | Hotel en Lima, Perú 4.7 km Single/double rooms: $107-$133 + $11-14 charges
Arawi Miraflores Express - Lima - Hotel WebSite ( 1.3 km Single room: $43-$47 + $5-6 charges
Double room: $48-$53 +$6 charges
**** HOTEL ARAWI MIRAFLORES PRIME, LIMA **** ( 850 m Single room: $82-89 + $9-10 charges
Double room: $86-$96 +$9-10 charges 1.3 km Single room: $86 + $9 charges
Double room: $96-$193 + $10-20 charges
Hotel El Carmelo | Hotel en Lima Peru, Hotel en Miraflores 950 m Single room: $42 includes charges
Double room: $59 includes charges
Miraflores Colon Hotel - Lima - Hotel WebSite ( 1200 m Single room: $66 + $4 charges
Double room: $72-$142 +$4-8 charges

Important information

  1. Entry to Peru by non-residents requires proof of vaccination according to the vaccination scheme of the traveller’s home country. The proof of vaccination must show that the vaccination doses were received at least 14 days before travel to Peru, or a proof of a negative pre-departure COVID-19 test result will be required. For reference, Peruvians and foreign residents over 18 years of age are required to provide proof of 3 doses of vaccine for COVID-19.
  2. Proof of vaccination is required for domestic travel and public activity (restaurants, pharmacies, shops, etc.). Fully vaccinated non-residents over the age of 18 are required to have proof of 2 doses to be considered fully vaccinated. All travellers aged 12 to 18 are required to have proof of 2 doses. Travellers without valid proof of vaccination must provide a negative COVID-19 molecular test result issued a maximum of 48 hours before boarding their transportation or entering the public space.
  3. Travellers are required to submit a health declaration form online a maximum of 72 hours before departure to Peru ( Travellers must present the QR code from the online form either digitally or printed.
  4. Health screening is required on arrival in Peru. Travellers without any COVID-19 symptoms that have met entry requirements are not required to quarantine on arrival in Peru.
  5. Travellers with COVID-19 symptoms must undergo a health assessment and may be required to quarantine at a declared address or in Villa Panamericana or another government-designated facility for 14 days. Authorities will conduct telephonic health monitoring every 3 days. A voluntary COVID-19 test on day 6 may end the quarantine.
  6. Masks are required in all public spaces. Travellers are required to double mask or to wear a KN95 mask.

Covid Information:

Current status in Peru:

COVID-19 updates and Peruvian restrictions can be found on the following site: Please be aware of the travel restrictions to enter Peru from your country of origin and when re-entering your country of residence.

Current requirements for travel into Peru: Travel Restrictions to Peru during Covid 19 - Coronavirus Lates Updates

Masking: double masks or one kn95 mask are required in all indoor locations unless eating or drinking. Please bring your masks with you.

Testing: We highly recommend you take a test at a lab, or a self test, before, during and after the conference. If you are not vaccinated, you will need to take a test prior to entering Peru.

Covid testing centres:

Find all testing centers here:
Covid-19 Test Clinics in Lima, Peru